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Batman: Arkham Knight Review – The Hero We Deserve

Batman: Arkham Knight is the third (and, reportedly, final) title in Rocksteady’s series of Batman games. In 2009, Batman: Arkham Asylum truly defined the superhero video game – though it had been attempted many times before. It was followed by Arkham City in 2011 and a prequel title, Arkham Origins, developed by Warner Bros. Games Montréal. All of the games (except, perhaps, Arkham Origins) were ...

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Fallout 4 Pip Boy Limited Edition

Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition Updates

For those who preordered the Pip-Boy Edition of Fallout 4, consider yourselves lucky because all North American stores are now sold out, according to the Bethesda Blog. GameStop, Best Buy, and Amazon.com are all sold out in the United States, while Bestbuy, Amazon.ca, and EB Games in Canada are all out of stock. This means that the only way to get ...

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Xbox Games with Gold July 2015

Xbox Games with Gold offerings for July 2015

Major Nelson has just revealed what kind of free games you can pick up for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 for the month of July as part of the Games with Gold program. Xbox One Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag will be the first game to be offered for Xbox One users. Well received upon launch, Black Flag takes the ...

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Xbox One Backwards Compatability

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: How it will work

One of the most requested features that came with the new generation of consoles was backwards compatibility. With the PS3 and Xbox 360 having a lifespan that lasted almost a decade by the time the new consoles were announced, it was unsurprising that people grew attached to their libraries of games, both from a sentimental and financial point of view. ...

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Xbox 360 DLC also backwards compatible

Xbox 360 DLC is also Backwards Compatible

At E3, Xbox made huge news when they surprised everyone by announcing that the Xbox One would become backwards compatible with 360 content. This was a hugely fan requested feature and was noticeably absent from the current lineup of next-gen consoles; unless we consider the PS4’s streaming program, PlayStation Now, that will let you stream PS1, PS2, and PS3 games ...

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Halo 5: Guardians, gameplay details and design influences revealed

At Rooster Teeth’s coverage of E3 on Youtube, 343 Industries showed off the campaign segment from the Microsoft press conference and explained what to expect from the new multiplayer gamemode Warzone, as well as how Hololens will play a role in Halo 5. Campaign- Squadmates and influences There will always be 4 Spartans in your team at all times. Master ...

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The Division at E3

Following a gameplay trailer in the Microsoft press event, it has been announced that a beta for The Division will be released for Xbox One this December. From last E3, it appears as though the direction of the game hasnt changed a bit, where a bioweapon has wiped out a large amount of the population of New York. As a ...

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Rainbow 6: Siege at E3

Yet another gameplay trailer has been shown for Rainbow 6: Siege in Microsoft’s press event, showing off a scenario where you can play as the French counter terrorism unit, the GIGN, in their attempts to disarm a container of gas on a parked airplane on a tarmac. Not unlike the E3 2014 showing, various gadgets are employed including drones, deployable ...

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E3 highlights: Sequels galore

And just like that, another E3 came and went. This time, there was no major console rivalry where one made fun of another, no absurd claims of so and so game being the best ever. Instead, there were sequels everywhere, and needless to say fans of those series are probably going to be very happy. Here are some highlights from ...

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Gears of War 4 shown off at Microsoft’s E3

Following the formation of the Coalition and the handing over of the Gears franchise to the newly branded studio comes Gears 4, a new installment in the series that features entirely new characters and enemies. First off though is the announcement of the Gear of War Ultimate Edition, yet another remaster of a classic game rebuilt for current gen hardware, ...

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