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Loss of PS3 Exclusive Agent Revealed by Former Rockstar Dev

We first covered Rockstar Games’ ambitious PS3 exclusive Agent in 2009 and have noted its absence since. While we hoped the 1970s spy thriller would be released, Rockstar removed mention of it from its website a decade after its announcement.

We now know more about the PlayStation exclusive that never was. Obbe Vermeij, former Rockstar Games technical director, wrote a blog post (since removed, thanks IGN) about his time at Rockstar North, which developed Agent, from 1995 to 2009.

Vermeij: “We worked on this for over a year. A gun-filled downhill skiing chase scene was one I worked on. We weren’t happy with the game’s progress. The company would eventually support the next Grand Theft Auto. We tried to shorten the game to finish it before New York called. We removed an entire level (Cairo?) and possibly the space section.”

Half of Rockstar North would work on DLC for Grand Theft Auto 4 and the other on GTA V, which would be released in 2013. Vermeij says, “We dropped Agent because it was too distracting. It was probably handed over to another Rockstar company but never finished.”

The agent was a GTA victim. The project may return, but we wouldn’t expect it. Remember the agent hype?

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