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E3 – Xbox One Enhancements and A Newly Unveiled Interface

Xbox One UI Update

This year’s E3 has unveiled a host of changes for the Xbox One console. The way we use the console and how it functions will be changing. You’ve probably heard about the proposed 360 backwards compatibility, its Summer Preview program, the Game Preview program, Windows 10 PC streaming, and its partnerships with Oculus and Valve. In a single week we were ...

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Microsoft Edge – what is it?

Microsoft Edge isn’t exactly a name that will trigger a sense of familiarity. Sadly, the aforementioned software has somewhat fallen by the wayside in all of the hype surrounding the upcoming release of Windows 10, the new OS from Microsoft. What exactly is it then? The simple answer is a new web browser that will come supplied with Windows 10, replacing the ...

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Cortana will be available for Android and iOS later this year

Microsoft’s electronic personal assistant competitor to Siri, Cortana , has been confirmed to be coming to Android and iOS devices within the year. Of course, there will be some limitations to the capabilities of Cortana on these other devices, including the requirement that you have to have Windows 10 and the Phone Companion app, but there have been no statements ...

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Cortana and Work Assistant screenshots leaked online


Cortana will be part of Microsoft Office in the future, as the company’s new Work Assistant feature replaces the legendary Clippy. Cortana will be able to help Microsoft Office users create, search, edit and share documents within the Work Assistant platform, but the platform itself is shaping up to be something every Office user will be glad to have at ...

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Cortana is not what we expected in Windows 10


Microsoft have shown yet another technical preview of Windows 10 on the 22nd of January. The main focus, among others, in Windows 10 is Cortana integration, and it’s not looking too shiny at the moment. Naturally, Windows will be working on effective and worthwhile integration of Cortana in desktop systems, but so far, Cortana for Windows Phone is in a ...

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Windows 10 will feature a built-in Xbox app


Windows 10 will bring with it a host of new features, many of which have not been announced yet. Others however, are already well known to all, such as the Cortana virtual assistant for example. More recently it was also revealed that the latest version of the operating system will include a feature specifically designed for Xbox gaming. This Xbox app ...

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Windows 10 Cortana showcased in new video


Windows 10 is shaping up to be one of the best versions of the operating system we’ve ever had and it’s in no small part thanks to the new features added by Microsoft. One of these features goes by the name of Cortana and will basically serve as your own virtual personal assistant. Granted, the feature isn’t entirely new as ...

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Cortana will be more like Google Now


I’m sure all of you are familiar with Cortana, the Microsoft Assistant that will act as a guide for your day from your Windows phone. Cortana is now getting an update, that will bring features to the engine similar to those we can see at Google Now. While Cortana is being continuously improved, Microsoft seems to be getting the hang ...

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Leaked Windows 9 screenshot confirms Cortana for PC


We know that Microsoft is planning to add a whole bunch of new features to the next iteration of Windows and we heard some very interesting rumors regarding them for the past couple of months. Perhaps the most interesting of these rumors is that Cortana will make her way to Windows 9 when it releases next year. The Halo inspired personal assistant is ...

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