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Cortana and Work Assistant screenshots leaked online

Cortana will be part of Microsoft Office in the future, as the company’s new Work Assistant feature replaces the legendary Clippy. Cortana will be able to help Microsoft Office users create, search, edit and share documents within the Work Assistant platform, but the platform itself is shaping up to be something every Office user will be glad to have at their disposal.

Cortana is Microsoft’s own virtual assistant that can rival with Siri and Google Now and it is most comprehensively developed for Windows Phones at the moment. Since Windows 10 is on its way to the consumer market, Cortana has been unveiled as a crucial element of the new operating system and Microsoft Office as well. Screenshots of Cortana and the Work Assistant have been leaked online by WindowsBlogItalia, showing a few features of the new platform on mobile.



With the voice commands provided by Cortana, Microsoft Office can become a truly productive office suite that would be perfect for both home and enterprise use. The screenshots don’t reveal too much about the new features, but we do think that you will be able to perform searches in your entire document library which is made available within the application, which could be a very practical implementation of Work Assistant. At the same time, using Cortana to search for things within documents could save office workers or plain users a lot of time, as they might be able to type, edit and search at the same time.


If Work Assistant and Cortana for Office turn out to be as comprehensive as we imagine, the Redmond-giant might become the best office solutions provider in the world. Since we don’t know much about upcoming improvements to the Office platform, Cortana and Work Assistant, we’ll try not to get ahead of ourselves. We’re looking forward to finding out more about how Cortana will work with Microsoft Office once Windows 10 is ready to be launched, supposedly mid-Summer 2015.

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