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Xperia Z3 back in T-Mobile store for $500, $130 discount


The Xperia Z3 was missing from the T-Mobile store the last couple of weeks as the company or rather company exec monitoring the T-Mobile Twitter account confirmed that the Xperia Z3 would no longer be available. It seems that the exec or account manager was not clear on what T-Mobile was planning to do with the Sony flagship, as the ...

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Blackberry Passport is currently $200 cheaper than usual

The Blackberry Passport smartphone is now available to purchase for only $500. Blackberry decided to jump on the Black Friday bandwagon and are offering their latest flagship $200 cheaper than usual during this time. That’s a 29 percent discount which will last until the end of the month. Coincidentally, only the black version of the square handset is being discounted, ...

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Titanfall Xbox 360 is now available for the cheap price of $5


If you still don’t own Titanfall, now would be a perfect time to rectify that mistake as Respawn’s highly acclaimed sci-fi shooter is currently dirt cheap. How cheap? Try $5 cheap and not a cent less. Well, actually it’s $4.99 but anyway. There doesn’t seem to be a catch at first glace, although only the Xbox 360 version of the ...

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Amazon now officially owns Twitch


Twitch was initially meant to be purchased by Youtube, or so the story went. This rumor was dispelled last month however as Amazon announced its plans of acquiring the streaming platform. A listing on SEC reveals that the deal is now finalized and Amazon is the proud owner of Twitch. The retailer giant had to pay $970 million in order ...

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Google/Youtube reportedly confirmed to be purchasing Twitch

We’ve heard rumors earlier this year that Google was planning to buy video streaming platform Twitch and make it part of Youtube. The deal has apparently been confirmed recently and the price is $1 billion, just as it was previously believed. The acquisition wasn’t actually announced by either of the parties involved, but multiple news outlets are reporting that Twitch investors have ...

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