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Destiny’s ‘House of Wolves’ DLC dated

Destiny DLC House of Wolves

Bungie sets the date for the second DLC for Destiny as May 19. You can watch the cinematic trailer below. What’s even more interesting is that the ‘House of Wolves’ DLC will not have a Raid activity. Instead, there will be a new mode called ‘The Prison of Elders.’ In a post by Bungie, ‘The Prison of Elders’ will be a ...

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Bungie tweaks Destiny multiplayer

Destiny Update

Get your guns ready Guardians, because Bungie’s Destiny gets a few changes to its multiplayer. Update 1.1.2 will bring quite a few changes to the sci-fi shooter. This week’s Weekly Update highlights tweaks to the PvP Crucible mode. In the past, Destiny players would have Special ammo loaded into their secondary weapons from the start of each match. Crucible Designer Kevin Yanes ...

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Destiny’s “House of Wolves” Info Leaked

Destiny: House of Wolves DLC release date

A new leak has shown off potential descriptions of items, missions, weapons, and armor for Destiny’s newest expansion, House of Wolves, and Reddit user megamanexe4 gained access to the currently-hidden content and claims that it is all due to unlock on May 19th. That date is a Tuesday, which would fit with both the game’s weekly reset and the release ...

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All Destiny players will receive a free Legendary item this week

Bungie will send Legendary gifts to all Destiny players this week

Destiny players are set to receive a special gift from developer Bungie later this week. The promised Christmas present maybe? It would appear so, as Community Manager “DeeJ” did state back in December that holiday gifts will only make their way to the players in January. Though it kind of defeats the whole purpose of a “holiday gift”, a free ...

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Flappy Bird – The most popular video game of 2014?


Forget about AAA titles like Destiny, Titanfall, and Watch Dogs, or highly rumored ones like Fallout 4 and Half-Life 3. Heck, forget even the highly anticipated Mass Effect 4 because the most looked up video game this year was none other than Flappy Bird. That’s right, a little mobile game developed by one person managed to spark more worldwide interest ...

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Destiny Players Banned for Modded Consoles

Destiny Players Banned for Modded Consoles

Bungie confirmed that there was a recent purge of Destiny players banned for modded consoles. Bungie reported the news on their site Bungie.net. They refer to the instrument used to carry out bans as the, “Banhammer” and have most recently kicked out Destiny accounts who logged on through a modified console. Bungie advised players to only use the boxes that their “favorite ...

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is Best Selling Game

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is Best Selling Game in 2014

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is best selling game in 2014, Activision announced today. Having only been released in November. The game, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, launched on November 9, 2014. It was included in a bundle with the Xbox One upon release and helped the Xbox One become the best selling console of November, toppling PlayStation 4’s streak. ...

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PlayStation Store Update for 12.9.14

PS Store Update for 12.9.14

Every Tuesday the PlayStation Store Update is released and a ton of new content is published for your PlayStation 4, 3 and Vita. The data dump includes digital versions of retail games, smaller downloadable titles, demos, pre-orders, sales, apps, DLC and more. Instead of combing through the heap of text and pictures, let us guide you to what deserves your ...

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