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Phil Spencer Denies Silent Hills Rumors

Silent Hills Phil Spencer

Days ago, an anonymous source told Rooster Teeth that the software behemoth Microsoft had plans to purchase Silent Hills from Konami before E3 this year. This announcement made a huge splash with everyone on the internet, proving just how popular PT was, and how excited people were to see Silent Hills be made. Unfortunately, Phil Spencer – head of Xbox ...

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Gears of War Remastered Announced

Gears of War

A remastered edition of the first Gears of War has been announced for the Xbox One. News of this came about from gaming website Polygon, who has reportedly seen screenshots of the multiplayer. Coincidentally, this defeats the rumors that a Marcus Fenix Collection would be able for the Xbox. On their second update of the article Polygon said, “We’ve seen some multiplayer ...

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JRPGs Will Come to the Xbox One According to Phil Spencer

JRPGs Will Come to the Xbox One According to Phil Spencer

JRPGs and the Xbox brand have not had the best relationship over the years, especially compared to the PlayStation systems. Yet despite this, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer wants fans to know that we will be seeing JRPGs on the Xbox One. On Twitter, user Darrenmc62 asked if we would be seeing any JRPGs on the Xbox One in the vein ...

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Xbox One’s fall 2015 lineup is “crazy,” delays might happen

Xbox One

According to the Head of the Xbox division Phil Spencer, the Xbox One’s fall 2015 lineup of games is so expansive that Microsoft may have to “purposely try to move some things out” of the window to give them room to breathe. Speaking with Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, Spencer mentioned next fall will be downright “crazy” for Microsoft’s current generation ...

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Halo Wars was under-appreciated, say Xbox boss

Halo Wars

Responding to a fan on Twitter, Xbox division boss Phil Spencer admitted Ensemble Studios’ Halo Wars was an “under-appreciated” title, specifically praising its cinematics and real-time strategy controls. “I agree, under-appreciated. Cinematics in Halo Wars were great for the time and controller RTS worked,” he said. “Reminded me of StarCraft on N64.” Unfortunately, Halo Wars was developer Ensemble’s last game ...

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Xbox boss talks about future IPs and a possible Minecraft sequel

Xbox boss Phil Spencer talks about ther new IP and about the possibility of a Minecraft sequel.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer announced that, while remaining committed to their existing franchises, Microsoft is also working on several new IP’s. Phil Spencer also added that the new games they are preparing for the Xbox consoles don’t fit the space marine shooter or the racing genres. He says that Microsoft’s focus should be on making games that are different from ...

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Xbox One screenshots feature delayed to 2015 because it’s too challenging for Microsoft

Xbox One screenshots feature delayed to 2015

While PlayStation 4 has allowed users to take screenshots since its launch in November last year, Xbox One still doesn’t have this feature. And according to Phil Spencer, users will have to wait until 2015 for its implementation. The head of Microsoft’s Xbox division says that they are working to implement the screenshot feature, but it turns out that it ...

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Microsoft committed to supporting the PC more


The head of Microsoft Studios and the Xbox division – Phil Spencer – has recently stated Microsoft is now more than ever committed to supporting the PC. According to an audio interview courtesy of The Inner Circle Podcast, the PC scene is “incredibly important” to both Spencer and the company. “I thought the Windows 10 announcement was good. We haven’t talked ...

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Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusivity deal explained by Microsoft


The Gamescom announcement that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be an Xbox exclusive managed to upset a lot of Playstation and PC owners who were eager to play the game on their platforms when it releases. Granted, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer confirmed that the game will only be timed exclusive so developer Crystal Dynamics can do whatever they want with it after ...

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