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Valve Allows Modders to Charge for their Creations


Valve has introduced a payment system for user-created mods in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, where the community can buy and sell content through Steam’s Workshop. Steam announced the change as a ” new way to support Workshop creators”, that will allow them to create “top quality items and amazing new experiences for your game.” The revenue split between the studios ...

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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Nature’s Zombie Apocalypse


Today’s Greenlight spotlight is on Nature’s Zombie Apocalypse, which is being developed by the two-man team, Aniode. The allure of Nature’s Zombie Apocalypse comes directly from its interesting premise, and a very well-done trailer. I really enjoyed watching the trailer, and I found it to be very well-done, which definitely helped to pique my interest in the game. Nature’s Zombie ...

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Galacide Release Date Announced


Galacide, the shoot-em-up puzzler by Puny Human has finally announced the release date of the game onto Steam. Galacide will be launching into Steam Early Access on April 24th. The game is a unique mix of a shmup and a puzzler, and has been described by Puny Human as a Shmuzzle game. The gameplay, which I had a chance to ...

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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: The Intergalactic Trashman


Today’s Greenlight standout is The Intergalactic Trashman, a game by Glove Cat. The game is a unique combination of 2D action platforming and a space exploration/shooter experience. I decided to focus on The Intergalactic Trashman based on the insane amount of polish that Glove Cat have put on their game. The difference between a normal Greenlight title and a fantastic ...

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OBEY Preview: Asymmetrical Multiplayer Deception

OBEY 2014-10-10 16-41-45-32

OBEY was a game that I had not heard of until just a couple of days ago. The game was introduced to me by Dez, the sole developer, through Twitter, and he was gracious enough to invite me to a play session. OBEY was simply described as an asymmetrical multiplayer game based on deceiving your opponents in order to achieve ...

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Beowulf joins the Skullgirls Encore roster today!


It doesn’t really feel like it’s been two years since Skullgirls crushed its indiegogo campaign goals. The fan support for this game raised nearly $830k, funding the addition of several new characters to the roster. Beowulf is one of two characters that were voted into the game by the fans, and it looks like this character is going to be a riot. Today, ...

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Whodunit?: Devil’s Bluff


My most fond memories of playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion are from the Whodunit?-style quest that the game contains. I cannot tell you how many times I went back and replayed that quest because I just adore that sort of a murder mystery. I was also a huge fan of clue growing up, and these two passions of mine ...

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Slow Down, Bull: Insomniac Games’ First PC Release


Insomniac Games is a household name in the gaming circle. From Spyro the Dragon to Ratchet and Clank, to the more recent Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac have been providing us with entertaining games for over a decade. One thing that Insomniac have not managed to do as of yet is to have one of their releases come to PC (still hoping ...

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My Steam Greenlight Frustrations


As some of you may know, I write a series where I cover Greenlight titles, and attempt to spotlight which are the most interesting. Typically, Steam Greenlight is thought of as a derelict pit filled with GameMaker projects and boxy retro platforming games. Very few of us make a daily venture into the Greenlight territory, and those that do are ...

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Titan Souls Demo Appears on Steam


For anyone who has been looking forward to Titan Souls, the wait has been unbearable, especially with the release date pushing closer and closer. Those of us who just cannot wait to get our hands on the game will be happy to know that there is now a demo available on Steam for the game. For many, the demo is ...

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