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Xbox One vs PS4 – Best new exclusive games

These are the best Xbox One and PS4 2015 exclusives

2016 was a really exciting year for gamers thanks to all the new releases, but this year is expected to be even better for that very same reason. A number of very interesting new titles are set to hit both the Xbox One and the PS4 this year and that’s what we’re here to talk about today. Granted, it’s a bit ...

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Length of The Order: 1886 Depends on Player Ability

The Order: 1886 Game

Dana Jan, director of Ready at Dawn’s newest title The Order: 1886, recently sat down with Blogocio to give some insight into the upcoming action shooter game. Jan took the opportunity to dispel any rumors that the game is only five hours long. He stressed that the length of the game would depend on the player’s ability and familiarity with ...

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This Spoof Trailer For “The Order: 1986” Is Incredibly Fun, Dude

The Order 1986 trailer

All the marketing we’ve seen for the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, The Order: 1886 has been rather one-note, and remarkably grim. While not official, this trailer will probably attract way more eyeballs than anything Sony’s been able to come up with. The video, called The Order 1986, was put together by the guys at Corridor Digital. These are the folks who ...

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The Order: 1886 Will Contain Brothels, and Boobies and Viscera, Oh My!

a screenshot from The Order: 1886

PlayStation 4 exclusive, “The Order: 1886“ is something of gamble for Sony. Having recently wrapped development at Irvine based studio Ready at Dawn, its early showings have elicited mixed reactions from press and fans. The most recent coverage out of  December’s PSX event was considerably more positive. However, it’s safe to say that gamers, and the press at large are still ...

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The Order: 1886 Tesla vs Edison?


Ready at Dawn’s Playstation 4 exclusive title The Order: 1886 is scheduled for release on the February the 20th, 2015. Until then, those who yearn for more  content have the chance to find snippets of information on the game’s Tumblr account. The alternate reality game started when the The Order: 1886 official Twitter provided a link to the mysterious site. ...

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The Order: 1886 Gets Pre-Order DLC


According to Gamespot, Ready At Dawn, the developers behind the Playstation 4-exclusive title The Order:1886 has announced their game has “gone gold” on their official Twitter account, ending four years of game development from one of the more talked-about titles at recent E3’s and game press events. Following the methodology of most major developers in recent years, this milestone is ...

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The Order 1886 Demo Available at PlayStation Experience

The Order 1886 Demo Available at PlayStation Experience

The Order 1886 demo will be available at the upcoming PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 6 and 7. The convention will be held at the Venetian hotel on the strip and will not only have unreleased games available to play but also features multiple panels by developers for attending fans. Unlike E3, this event is open to ...

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