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Old-school gamer with a cheeky tongue that gets me in trouble. When I'm not playing games, I'm writing about them, preferably in the vicinity of a fridge! Oh, and if you're a Justin Bieber fan, I'm afraid we can't be friends!

Spider-Man 2’s latest update has arrived, bringing Mission Replay and more to the game

After several months of waiting, the long-awaited New Game+ patch for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has finally arrived. This update offers more than just the main feature, with added accessibility options and the ability to replay specific story missions. For those unfamiliar with it, New Game+ allows you to replay Spider-Man 2 with all your unlocked abilities and suits. Meanwhile, the ...

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Dragon’s Dogma 2 for PS5 continues to stir debate due to conflicting reports in early previews regarding its frame rate

Update: Dragon’s Dogma 2 is finally on the horizon, and the heated discussion surrounding the game’s PS5 frame rate is reaching a fever pitch. Yesterday, a plethora of new previews for the action RPG were released, and nearly all of them praised the game’s promising development. Some enthusiasts have even gone as far as to label it a surefire Game ...

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PS5’s Stellar Blade seems to offer endless customization options even post-launch

During a recent interview with Korean developer Shift Up, they highlighted that Stellar Blade will include all 30 costumes in-game at launch, without any need for microtransactions or extra purchases. Speaking with Game Informer, director Hyung-Tae Kim suggested that more outfits might be included after the game’s release. The developer did not provide details on whether these will be free ...

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Reports claiming that Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trilogy will only be available on PlayStation are not accurate

Update: The writer of the initial piece from The Washington Post has provided clarification that the full Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy may not be entirely exclusive to PlayStation. The article was updated following our initial report. Well, that concludes that particular experience. Original Story: The Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy was always going to be exclusive to PlayStation consoles, ...

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Exciting Find: Fans Uncover Hidden Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Reference

Many dedicated Elden Ring fans have been exploring The Lands Between in recent weeks following a hint from director Hidetaka Miyazaki about a hidden discovery. A newfound connection has been uncovered between a shield in the original game and adversaries in the upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, potentially bridging the gap. Miyazaki ignited a widespread search within the gaming ...

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Octopath Traveler, once a Switch exclusive, has been removed from the eShop, but there’s no cause for concern

Update: Square Enix has officially addressed Octopath Traveler’s temporary absence from the Switch eShop. The publisher and developer, in collaboration with former Tenchu developer Acquire, have announced that they are currently working on the turn-based RPG. They mentioned, “We are working on this and will update when the game is available to purchase again.” Well, it’s good to see that it’s ...

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Warner Bros. Increases Focus on Live Service Games

Last November, Warner Bros. announced its intention to shift its major franchises into live services, a strategy that was recently emphasized at the Morgan Stanley conference. As per J.B. Perrette, the focus has shifted from releasing standalone console games to creating a live service that allows players to engage in various activities and return frequently. “Rather than just launching a ...

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