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Old-school gamer with a cheeky tongue that gets me in trouble. When I'm not playing games, I'm writing about them, preferably in the vicinity of a fridge! Oh, and if you're a Justin Bieber fan, I'm afraid we can't be friends!

Improved Puzzles, Enhanced Combat, and Revamped Enemies in Silent Hill 2 for PS5

In a recent update, Konami and Bloober Team took to the PlayStation Blog to provide fans with more information about the highly anticipated Silent Hill 2 remake. Discussing the story, combat, and puzzles, creative director Mateusz Lenart delves into how Bloober Team has revamped the PS2 masterpiece while maintaining the essence of the original version. When it comes to the ...

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Sony is actively encouraging individuals who don’t own a PS5 to make use of its range of accessories

Sony has noticeably shifted its attention towards accessories for the PS5, although it may not have received as much attention as other aspects of the PlayStation narrative this generation. The range of products on offer is quite impressive, encompassing the official pro controller DualSense Edge, the streaming handheld PS Portal, and a selection of top-notch headphones and earbuds. During its ...

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Sony’s most recognizable studios remain committed to developing single player games for the PS5, so there’s no need to worry

Sony recently organized a business segment meeting where they classified all of their first-party studios according to the type of content they would be delivering. The company organized its teams into four distinct segments: single-player narrative focus, partner studios, evolving and multi-genre, and live service focus. Let’s take a closer look at how it allocated its portfolio: Single Player Narrative ...

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You can get Open World Racer Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown for PS5 in September

After being announced almost four years ago, Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown is finally nearing its release. The highly anticipated open-world racer, developed by the talented team at Kylotonn Games, is set to hit the shelves on September 12th, 2024, exclusively for the PS5. The release date announcement coincides with the latest trailer, showcasing in-engine footage of the racing game ...

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Sony says that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s 11 million sales make it a “great success”

Sony’s most recent financial report says that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has sold more than 11 million copies, which is pretty amazing. When it came out in October of last year, the PS5-only game was the fastest-selling PlayStation Studios game to that point. Crazy enough, 2.5 million copies were sold in just 24 hours. Since then, it’s been selling well—about 9 ...

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