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New Heroes of the Storm Content Announced

Today, during the “Mayhem Begins” event put on by Blizzard, the company announced a whole lot of new content for Heroes of the Storm. As the Heroes of the Storm launch happened on June 2nd to lukewarm reviews, it looks like Blizzard intended to wow us with a much better live stream, and they’ve accomplished just that. Along with showing us ...

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The Rise of the Rogue-Like

Rogue-like is a genre that has started to become more prominent in the gaming world. Rogue-like games are generally dungeon crawler style of games that are focused on high difficulty, permanent death, procedural generation of levels and RPG elements. The genre first rose to prominence in the early eighties when the game Rogue was released. This title had a basic ...

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Steam refund

Steam now offers refunds for almost any reason

With PC games, sometimes its hard to tell whether or not you want to keep a game that you just downloaded. Maybe your PC just cant run it well, maybe you brought a game that had a convincing description, or maybe you just bought a bunch of games that had a ridiculously low price but in retrospect you were never ...

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Steam Machine Alienware

Steam Machine available for preorder today

If you’re the type of person who is constantly checking out what is being greenlit on Steam rather than focusing on what the big AAA companies are up to, perhaps you should consider getting yourself a Steam Machine. Available for preorder today, the Steam Machine, as well as the Steam Controller and Steam Link, will bring joys of PC gaming ...

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XCOM 2 Announced

XCOM: Enemy Unknown came out not too long ago, and proceeded to be one of the best strategy games of its kind. having a great narrative, in-depth strategic gameplay, solid visuals, and a unique attachment and progression system for each one of your soldiers, XCOM squeezed hundreds of hours out of newcomers and long-time XCOM players alike. Today, we get ...

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E3 2015

6 Things You’re Unlikely to See at E3

With E3 just under a month away, I take a look at games and devices that you probably won’t see much of. 1 – The Last Guardian The Sony exclusive has been delayed repeatedly during its development. The title was originally scheduled as a PS3 release, but has since been moved to a PS4 game. The title seemed dead in ...

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WB Announces LEGO Worlds – And You Can Play It Now

Just a few days ago, we put up an article predicting a Minecraft-like LEGO game. It just so happens that we were right about that, as today WB Studios has announced the release of LEGO Worlds, a “fully open-world, creativity-driven game” that looks to be emulating Minecraft, complete with huge open worlds in several biomes, skeletons, and loads of blocks. This ...

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5 Ways Heroes Of The Storm Is Changing MOBAs

Heroes of the Storm launches on June 2nd, bringing with it a new hero, tons of new players, and a cavalcade of other goodies to be revealed when release is upon us. While Tuesday will mark the complete release of the game, many players have been playing Heroes of the Storm for quite some time now, throughout its alpha and ...

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Need for Speed Reboot Will Require An Online Connection

The official Need for Speed twitter account has revealed that the upcoming Need for Speed reboot will always require an internet connection to play. @DeanRheims NFS will require an online connection, but the benefits are nice. More variety and a more rewarding experience with friends. — Need for Speed (@NeedforSpeed) May 28, 2015 The Need for Speed Twitter account went ...

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