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Sony plans to release wireless earbuds for the PS5

Sony is gradually expanding the variety of PS5 peripherals that are available, and the usually trustworthy Insider Gaming claims to have the inside track on yet another item: wireless earbuds. The portable AirPod-inspired accessories, which are expected to launch between April 2023 and March 2024, will reportedly have a five-hour battery life and come with a USB charging case like ...

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Hogwarts Legacy: Every Task

Want to find every quest in Hogwarts Legacy? Three types of quests—Main Quests, Side Quests, and Assignments—make up the game’s open-world campaign. Many of these tasks will be assigned to you automatically, but Side Quests must be sought out and many Assignments are optional. We’ll list every quest in the game and provide links to walkthroughs as part of our ...

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As Dreams turns three years old, Media Molecule shares information about this year’s Impy Awards

They mature so quickly, don’t they? Make-up on PS4 Today is Dreams’ third anniversary, and to commemorate the occasion, Media Molecule has shared some details about its plans for the fourth annual Impy Awards. In case you’re unaware, the developer and the Dreams community celebrate the best works and creators from the previous year at the Impy Awards ceremony. The ...

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Pacific Drive’s Busted Up Station Wagon Will Have You Falling for the PS5 Survival Game

The aim of the game’s creator, Ironwood Studios, is for you to grow close to the vehicle. That was the main lesson from a presentation of the run-based survival game Pacific Drive. You’re alone in the Olympic Exclusion Zone, a mysterious region of the Pacific Northwest that’s filled with paranormal activity, along with a beat-up American station wagon. We were ...

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