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Loss of PS3 Exclusive Agent Revealed by Former Rockstar Dev

We first covered Rockstar Games’ ambitious PS3 exclusive Agent in 2009 and have noted its absence since. While we hoped the 1970s spy thriller would be released, Rockstar removed mention of it from its website a decade after its announcement. We now know more about the PlayStation exclusive that never was. Obbe Vermeij, former Rockstar Games technical director, wrote a ...

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The “Next Free Major Content Update” from Cult of the Lamb is Sins of the Flesh

Indie hit Cult of the Lamb announces its next “free major content update.” Sins of the Flesh arrives early next year. The release date for each platform is unknown, but this update will be “packed” with new features, stories, and more. Initial artwork for this update: According to the game’s social media, the team has been working “extremely hard” on ...

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Disney Speedstorm Announces Additional “Frozen-Inspired” Season 5 Racer

Season 5 of Gameloft’s free-to-play Disney Speedstorm will feature WALL•E in a “time-limited event.” Season 5 launches on November 30 with a frozen theme. Elsa, Olaf, Anna, Kirstoff, and Hans will appear. New skills, an Arendelle-inspired racing environment with icy hazards, and 15 Frozen crew members are also coming. Plus, Gameloft is adding more bonus characters like Oswald and Ortensia. ...

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Fortnite’s New ‘Big Bang’ Event Features A Crossover With Eminem

Fortnite’s community-created content has reportedly revived it, but its age rating update that restricts cosmetics has made headlines. To top it off, it announced a live “Big Bang” event with Eminem. Item Shop will sell “Rap Boy, Slim Shady, and Mashall Never More” on November 29. Attend “The Big Bang” to unlock the Marshall Never More Outfit’s “Marshall Magma” style. ...

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Tears of the Kingdom Japan Unveils Ganondorf Statue

Link’s life-size statue from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was unveiled for photos at Nintendo Live 2022, and Ganondorf may have followed suit. Fans can now visit Fukuoka, Japan, to take photos with Ganondorf and Link in front of the Mitsukoshi department store, according to the official Zelda X (formerly Twitter) account. As expected, such a statue ...

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The Switch Remake Includes Super Mario RPG’s Useless Cheat Code

We rated Super Mario RPG on Switch 9/10 as “one of the most faithful HD adaptations we have ever played”. The laugh-only sections and everything else that made the original game weird are back almost 30 years later. A cheat code previously only available in Japanese copies of the game is now available to everyone. There aren’t many rewards. Almost ...

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GTA 3 Vice City Development Blogs Removed After Rockstar North Complains

After Rockstar North emailed a written complaint, an ex-Rockstar North employee removed several blogs about Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and the cancelled spy game Agent. Obbe Vermeij, a technical director at Rockstar North from 1995 to 2009, detailed his experience working on several projects in a series of posts called ‘Inside Rockstar North’ Rockstar North may have been ...

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Kamiya is taking Bayonetta ‘To The Grave’, believes franchise will continue

After Hideki Kamiya left PlatinumGames earlier this year, many wondered what would become of our favorite Umbra Witch. Kamiya helped start and maintain Bayonetta. Kamiya clarifies his role in the series in his latest YouTube video before saying he thinks PlatinumGames will continue the franchise without him. Before this, he reiterates his plan to make the franchise a nine-part saga, ...

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Switch Online Adds Rare’s Jet Force Gemini To N64 Library

Update: Nintendo of America announced the game will launch on Switch Online in December. Original: Original: Some surprising news! Nintendo has announced that the Switch Online + Expansion Service will add Jet Force Gemini. An update is likely, but a Western release is not yet announced. We know Jet Force Gemini will join GoldenEye 007 in Japan’s N64 library on November ...

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