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PlayStation enthusiasts are expressing their excitement and concern over a questionable rumor about a portable PS4

There is a rumor circulating on social media that Sony may be preparing to launch a new handheld device capable of playing PS4 games directly. However, it is important to note that this rumor has not been confirmed. It seems that the information originates from a lone Russian social media account and has gained significant attention from gaming media, resulting ...

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The specifications of the Xbox Series S restrict the potential of Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2

Sequel to the Medieval period Warhorse Studios has claimed that the size of Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 can only be increased by approximately 25% compared to the original game, as a result of the constraints imposed by the Xbox Series S console. According to Czech news outlet Zing.cz, producer Martin Klma claimed during the Game Access Conference that the 10GB ...

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The sales of Fallout 4 in Europe have increased by an impressive 7,500%, establishing the dominance of the Bethesda series in the region

Bethesda has effectively capitalized on the popularity of Amazon Prime’s acclaimed TV show to generate widespread enthusiasm for Fallout, resulting in a remarkable 7,500% surge in sales of Fallout 4 in Europe. Last week, it was the game that sold the most copies on the continent, considering both physical and digital sales. Additional entries in the RPG series, such as ...

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The End! Nintendo Closes 3DS, Wii U Online Servers

Today marks the long-awaited day when Nintendo’s promise to discontinue “online play and other functionality” for the 3DS and Wii U has finally come to fruition. Brace yourselves, for the end is here! The online services for both of these systems have been officially discontinued, signaling the conclusion of Nintendo’s network generation. In a puzzling move, Nintendo has decided to ...

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Everyone is buzzing about the fashion choices in the PS5 exclusive game Stellar Blade

Sony released a demo yesterday for Nikkei: Goddess of Victory developer Shift Up’s highly anticipated console debut, PS5 exclusive Stellar Blade. Although the platform holder has now removed access to the playable teaser, it seems that it was released prematurely. However, there is plenty of footage available to give a glimpse of protagonist Eve’s outfits. STELLAR BLADE demo has some ...

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Switch Online introduces new icons that are exclusively available through gameplay in Missions & Rewards

Nintendo has released new themed icons for Switch Online members. Featuring a collection of icons inspired by the classic Super Mario World and the beloved Animal Crossing: New Horizons,. Acquiring these icons has a unique twist this time around. In order to access the content, you will need a Switch Online membership and Platinum Points, and you must launch each ...

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Pokémon Legends: Z-A takes place exclusively within Lumiose City

Previous Pokémon titles have often involved players venturing out to discover new areas, but the recently revealed Pokémon Legends: Z-A for Nintendo Switch systems might offer a unique experience. If you happened to miss the first announcement, the upcoming release is said to take place entirely within Lumiose City. Although the specific scale is unknown, it’s expected to be substantial ...

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