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Facebook is developing a Linkedin rival called FB@Work

Zuckberg and co. have been very busy as of late with finding ways of expanding the service more and more with each passing month. We’ve reported earlier that the social network website recently launched Slingshot, a photo-sharing app surprisingly similar to Snapchat. Lately, word on the street is that Facebook will also be competing with the likes of Linkedin. This upcoming project reportedly ...

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GTA Online Heist missions details and new DLC leaked

Details for a number of GTA Online Heist missions have been recently leaked on Gyazo. The leak comes from none other than DomisLive, a Youtube user credited with revealing important information about the GTA Online “I’m Not a Hipster” update prior to its release. He, in turn, credits two other sources that are presumably quite reliable. In the description of his video we ...

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Windows 9 rumored to come for free to Windows 8.2 owners

The latest word on the street is that Windows 9 might come without a price tag for some users. According to hacker group Wzor, the operating system will be offered either for free or at a discount to those who have purchased Windows 8.1 and upgraded it with update 2. The forum post mentions that this decision is still up for debate at ...

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Report says Crytek isn’t paying staffers; Ryse 2 cancelled

It looks like Crytek might really be in trouble after all. Sources who spoke to Kotaku say that the Crysis developer has been losing staff, not being able to pay employees, and cancelling projects due to financial and management trouble. The sources, reportedly unnamed employees, claim that some staffers have not been paid in months, and others have only been ...

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HTC’s Nexus tablet rumored to be called Volantis

We’ve heard earlier this year that HTC might be building the new Nexus tablet, but these were only rumors until now. However, thanks to Android Police, we not only know that the company is indeed working on it, but we also have the name and specs for the new device. According to their sources, the tablet is being called Volantis (also known ...

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Samsung plans to launch Android Wear smartwatch at I/O 2014

According to a CNET report, Samsung is planning to launch an Android Wear smartwatch next week during Google’s I/O 2014 developers’ conference. The article says that the upcoming device will be similar to the Galaxy Gear and Gear 2 Neo smartwatches. Moreover, the Korean company seems to be working on two models of this still unannounced device. “Samsung has been working on an Android Wear ...

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Google Nexus 6 rumors spark up again in light of recent Tweet

When it has such a huge and solid follower base, it doesn’t take much for Google and its Nexus line-up to cause quite the stir in the mobile market. If you’ve recently seen a surge in Google Nexus 6 rumors, you’re probably wondering where did they originate from. Well, it was the official Android Twitter page that fueled the rumor ...

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Nokia’s plans for the Lumia 930 and new Windows phones leaked

Windows Phone

We haven’t heard a lot rumors about upcoming Nokia devices from the new Microsoft Devices division lately. That changed a few days ago, when a new leak appeared on @evleaks. The information was provided by a “well-placed source” and goes into great details describing the future Nokia devices, from the ones already announced, to the ones only having a codename. The already announced, but ...

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