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Titanfall 2 rumored to be arriving for the PS4


A report from the Wall Street Journal revealed today that Titanfall 2 will be available for the PS4 when it will be released. Titanfall was launched back in March for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. It was the best selling game of that month and one of the most successful Xbox One exclusives to date. News that the sequel ...

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Xbox One controller PC Drivers are now available


The long-awaited PC Drivers for the Xbox One controller are finally available. Major Nelson announced earlier that the drivers will be part of an upcoming Windows Update. But if you’re eager to plug in your Xbox One controller and play some games, you can already download them. “We’re planning to release the drivers as part of a Windows update in ...

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New Titanfall content will be revealed at E3 2014


Earlier this month EA announced in their Q4 earnings report that new Titanfall content will be coming at E3 2014. The game launched back in March for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, and managed to sell over 925.000 copies, which made it the best selling game of the month. Its safe to say that Titanfall is a gold ...

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Titanfall DLC on Xbox 360 launches in June


Titanfall was a great success for EA and Respawn, having received great reviews on Xbox One and PC at launch. It’s hard to notice at times, but there is a third version of the game out since April, that nobody seems to know about. I’m talking of course about the Xbox 360 version, which came out a few weeks later, and ...

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E3 2014: EA plans to reveal a major Frostbite 3 title


Andrew Wilson, CEO at Electronic Arts recently stated that the company has something big planned for E3 2014. EA will apparently reveal a major new game at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, the title is said to be powered by the Frostbite 3 engine and is being ”developed by some of our most talented teams”. That’s all we know about ...

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EA confirms future Titanfall games


It will not come as a surprise that EA and Respawn Entertainment already plan a future Titanfall game, but it’s the first time the companies acknowledge this publicly. Electronic Arts has confirmed that the partnership with Respawn will continue, EA chief executive Andrew Wilson stating that they are working on “new Titanfall experiences”. This is far from an announcement of ...

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare announced, coming November 4


The trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that was originally supposed to be unveiled on Sunday was already released today by Activision. It was believed earlier that this year’s CoD game would be called either Patriots or Blacksmith, however neither of them turned out to be true. We’ve already found out from yesterday’s teaser that Call of Duty: Advanced ...

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Titanfall DLC: Expedition’s first map War Games revealed


We have learned at Pax East earlier this month that the Titanfall Expedition DLC will feature three new maps: Swampland, Runoff and War Games. Respawn Entertainment has recently revealed more information about War Games, created with a “parkour playground” concept in mind. The new map is based on a virtual world and has Pilots competing in the simulated environments of ...

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