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Firefly MMOG Trailer Released

A new Firefly Online trailer was released at Comic-Con introducing gameplay details, character details and responses to the question posed in the announcement trailer: What would you do if you were the captain of a spaceship? The upcoming MMOG Firefly is said to be released in Spring 2015, and will feature the show‘s entire cast in the game. The game is in development by a collaborative team made up of Sparkplug, Quantum Mechanix and Fox Digital Entertainment who say the game will be released for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS.

The trailer is best suited for Firefly-fans rather than gamers looking for something new to discover, but it does offer insight into what the game features. It has Sims-like characteristics, letting you design your own characters and spaceships, it also allows you to choose your crew from other players and create your own team which you will fly through space.

The team announced that they were receiving sign-ups for the game already, but their host got quickly overwhelmed so they are now in the midst of moving operations to Amazon, as announced on Firefly Online Game’s official Facebook page.

Progress! The Unity-based sign-in/registration page is now working on Amazon. The domain name will take about 48 hours to migrate, so in the meantime you can access the Cortex here: http://bit.ly/ffouser

The development blog is going to take a bit longer to move. But we hope to have it running again early next week. Please keep in mind this version of the sign-in widget requires the Unity plug-in be running on your browser.

The details about the Unity-engine based MMOG  were released at the 10th anniversary panel held for Firefly at the San Diego Comic-Con, one of the most popular and difficult to enter panels at the convention. You can watch the whole discussion panel here:

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