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2017 Continues to Surprise with new ‘Bubsy’ Game Announcement

This morning brought the news that Accolade, the studio that brought us Test Drive, is bringing back everyone’s favorite feline hero: Bubsy the Cat. Titled Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back, the game will be making its way to PlayStation 4 and PC this fall.

With the news came the following message from publisher Accolade,

“Accolade returns with classic all-new, reimagined games from its vast catalog and brand new franchises that will thrill anyone from 9 to 90 that calls themselves a gamer. Get ready for the return of iconic games and franchises like Busby, Hardball, Slave Zero, Deadlock, Eradicator, Redline and more!”

Accolade shut its doors back in 2000, but judging by the above quote they’ve taken the last 17 years to refocus and bring back a slew of beloved titles.

The latest Bubsy title is being developed by German studio Black Forest Games, who appears to be taking the feline mascot back to his 16-bit platforming roots. Keeping up with modern standards, sleek 3D models are being used to bring Bubsy into the 21st century with a visual pop.

Fans can expect the same wise-cracking, nasily voiced super-cat they once loved back in the 90s, with the same iconic wit and charm being generously teased in the accompanying trailer.

The trailer for Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back can be watched below.

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