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Google Wallet expanding with ChowNow partnership

Google Wallet has been relaunched in an attempt from the search engine giant to try and get back in the saddle, a saddle already crowded by Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. Google Wallet is Google’s own mobile payment system which functions in a different way than Apple Pay, rather more similarly to Samsung’s alternative. Today, it was announced through a ...

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Turkey blocks access to Youtube and Twitter

After a court decision on Monday, April 6 2015, Turkey has indefinitely blocked access to both Twitter and Youtube, two of the most popular social media and networking websites of the world. According to a report from Reuters, their sources have confirmed that complaints from individuals unknown have been made in the past and based on those, Turkey as a ...

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Underground Moon City is a definite possibility with lava tubes

Throughout history, there was always speculation and lore about the underground Moon City as being the home of aliens or humans that have migrated there before our times. Many historians, novelists, artists and entertainers talked and depicted the underground Moon City as something that is a definite possibility and even as a real thing. There are conspiracy theories out there ...

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Galaxy S6 Active confirmed through new Bluetooth SIG listing

The Galaxy S6 Active will be the next smartphone launch from Samsung and it will be the reinforced version of the main flagship, the Galaxy S6. The Galaxy S6 Active is now officially confirmed, thanks to a listing in the Bluetooth SIG database. Although the South Korean company hasn’t confirmed the existence of the ruggedized smartphone, we can go ahead ...

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OxygenOS download live complete with installation guide

OnePlus has announced that OxygenOS would be released to the OnePlus One OTA by the end of March, but no matter how we searched and looked, March ended without an OxygenOS download link. OnePlus came through and apologized for the delays, invoking that the new custom ROM from the Paranoid Android team members was delayed due to certification process taking ...

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Cell phone providers are overcharging customers

If you think your cell phone provider is overcharging you, you may actually be on to something. The cell phone industry calls it “bill shock”, that terrible feeling when you get, when you realize you owe several dollars, more than your usual monthly bill, when you go over you plans limits. Well since 2013 the wireless carriers have been sending ...

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Android productivity apps – must have

Many of us, myself included, chose to get a smartphone not because we like seeing caller ID replaced with photos and messages with bubbles, but to use our phones as devices that help us be punctual, productive and organized. The smartphone has become a device that encompasses all your daily needs starting from to-do lists to meals, schedules, notes, books, ...

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HTC shows off new One M8s mid-range, 64 bit smartphone

The HTC One M9 is the big hit of March and of Spring in general from the Taiwanese company, but that’s not the only thing they’ve introduced in the past few weeks. HTC have revealed today the new One M8s, a mid-range version of last year’s One M8. The One M8s doesn’t change much compared to the flagship, but it ...

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Chromebase: Acer’s all in one computer official

Asus yesterday announced the Chromebook Flip and the Chromebit, a stick-sized Chrome OS computer, but that’s not all Google had up its sleeves, as today we’ve just heard about a new all in one computer, the Chromebase. Chrome OS, Asus, Acer and of course Google, seem to have been collaborating for a long time to build these new hardware products and ...

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