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New Google Glass coming this year, confirmed by exec

It should come to nobody’s actual surprise that Google Glass is not in fact, dead. It has never been dead and ever since it was first unveiled in 2012, Google as a company and its Google X Labs were confident that the wearable device would eventually end up on retail shelves. After pulling the Google Glass Explorer edition in January, ...

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Internet Explorer was hacked in only 17 seconds at Pwn2Own

Pwn2Own is a hacking contest organized in Vancouver, Canada this week and this edition came with a surprising victory for a group of Chinese hackers: they “broke” Internet Explorer 11 in only 17 seconds. That’s most likely a world record, as nobody has ever hacked the rather secure systems the organizers put into Internet Explorer so fast ahead of the ...

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The Galaxy S6 will be more fashionable with new accessories

Samsung announced that the Galaxy S6 would become one of the most fashionable handsets on the market, as the company wants to give customers the possibility of purchasing designer-made accessories that are fashionable and high-end. It seems the smartphone and wearable market are getting increasingly more influence form the fashion world, although it really doesn’t look like something users are ...

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bill-gates-is-worried-about-health-crisis-and preparedness

Bill Gates predicts massive health crisis at TED

Bill Gates, the name that comes to mind when thinking about the building blocks of the internet, has issued a scary warning at the Ted conference today. According to the internet giant and one of the richest men on Earth, the world should prepare for the next health crisis. Bill Gates is no expert in medicine, health or diseases, but ...

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One M7 Android Lollipop update canceled, as per HTC

The HTC One M7, one of the best and most popular handsets of the past two years, has been hit hard today as Mo Versi, HTC exec confirmed that the handset would not be getting the next Android update. Google release Android 5.1 to its Nexus line-up last week and hopes were high that the new version of the software, ...

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Will.i.Am and Gucci partner for luxury smart watch

The Apple Watch as a concept should be worried by now, seeing as various luxury watch makers, including Swatch, have announced their foray into the smart watch business. Recent studies about the Apple Watch reveal that there aren’t that many people interested in buying the watch right now, most of them motivating their choice with the lack of “need” for ...

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OnePlus One price rising in Europe due to bad exchange rates

OnePlus have announced that the OnePlus One price will be subject to an increase in Europe due to the drop of the Euro’s value recently. Although the company is famous for pricing their devices incredibly low, thus being able to successfully compete against big brands like Samsung and Apple, they could not have anticipated the steep drop in Euro over ...

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Apple TV has its eyes on cable TV companies

Apple decided that Apple TV should go viral, sort of, as the Cupertino-based company is going after big cable companies all around America with their upgraded Apple TV services. This Fall, Apple TV will benefit from 25 new channels, which will directly compete with the offerings from national cable TV companies. The service isn’t exactly Apple TV, as it would ...

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Uber services have been banned in Germany

The popular ride-sharing app Uber has had a lot of trouble recently, especially in India, but it seems these problems are continuing onto its European endeavors as well. A German regional court has issued a nationwide ban on Uber, attacking its commercial services. From today, German Uber users cannot pay for their rides, as that would violate current transportation laws ...

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