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Although impressive, the HTC Butterfly 3 will most likely be Asia-exclusive

HTC Butterfly 3 comes in with QHD display, 20 MP camera

New benchmark posts reveal what we think is the HTC Butterfly 3 smartphone, which will turn into a flagship coming from a rather mid-range category. HTC Butterfly smartphones are a rarity in the U.S., as they are mostly¬†exclusive to Asian markets, but with the HTC Butterfly 3, the Taiwanese company might be planning to assault the U.S. market with an affordable, yet high-end piece of tech. The benchmarks for the HTC Butterfly 3 reveal specs that can actually stand against HTC’s own HTC One M9, although competing with their own handsets doesn’t seem like a good idea, which is why the prospect of a new Butterfly coming to the U.S. seems somewhat unlikely.

Nevertheless, the company is planning to take on the market by abiding to new trends, including powerful cameras and high-resolution displays. Even though these benchmarks results for the HTC Butterfly 3 cannot be held as confirmation of the phone’s specs or even existence, it is a good first step towards finding out what the company is actually planning for the rest of the year.

HTC Butterfly 3 specs, according to the benchmarks, include a 5.1 inch IPS display with a QHD resolution of 1440*2560 and a Snapdragon 810 64 bit processor, which are enough to consider the Butterfly 3 a flagship smartphone, at least for Asian markets. The smartphone includes 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage, but we are more surprised by the camera specs that are listed, which definitely suggest that the HTC Butterfly 3 will be marketed as a flagship, regardless of what market it ends up being in. The rear camera on the HTC Butterfly 3 measures 20 MP according to these benchmarks, while the front camera measures a whopping 13 MP, which sounds like a rather nice setup.

Although we can’t take rumors and benchmarks for granted, we do think that the camera on the HTC Butterfly 3 will feature optical image stabilization, even though the feature is not listed in the results. Releasing a phone with such a good camera but lacking optical image stabilization seems to be a no-no for fans, as demonstrated by the HTC One M9, which features largely the same specs and doesn’t have optical image stabilization. In any case, the HTC Butterfly 3 is shaping up to be a real nice smartphone, if HTC goes with the correct design and pricing for the Asian market. I’m not sure how well this would do in the U.S. or in the European smartphone market, but it would be a nice alternative to the HTC One M9 for those who feel that the One M9 doesn’t have the best screen but the One M9 Plus is too large for their preference.

The benchmakrs were picked up on Compubench and you can find the full listing right here if you’re curious about sensors, camera features and such.

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