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Bungie provides solution for Centipede Error in Destiny

Just days after its release, Destiny users started experiencing some online technical difficulties, as Bungie confirms. The issue seems to be persisting within Bungie servers and at a number of university networks. It has been reported that many academic students haven’t been able to access the game’s online contents. This problem adds to a string of concerns surrounding Destiny’s developer after its major online multiplayer project has received poor ratings in reviews conducted by important gaming websites. Another problem Bungie has been facing is the threat of game cheaters and hackers constantly knocking at the wrong end of their door. It’s not all bad news, though.

At the time the error occurred, Bungie community manager, David “Deej” Dague gave us his first thoughts on the matter, stating that a potential cause for this inconvenience are the security devices that are unable to recognize Destiny’s network traffic. He assured that Bungie is in close contact with the device manufacturers and currently working on an update that will hopefully allow the users to play. Few days later, Dague wrote on Bungie forums that the issue has been isolated, and they are working with security device manufacturers on a fix that should be available this Monday, September 15th.

The patch seems to have been made available only to universities which will have to apply the patch provided from the security device vendor in order to fix the problem. As reported, the fix is around the corner, although the procedure is not some walk in the park. As far as the official statement goes, it seems that the fix addresses exclusively university networks, while the Centipede error stretches far beyond that, as user reports show from the day Destiny launched. The hour of the release still remains unclear, leaving sighs of frustration among Destiny users, but it will hopefully be available within hours. On a good note, they seem to have the situation under control, and it is very likely that soon this error will be sorted out for good. All in all, Destiny seems a spectacular game, and promises to be one of the massive hits of the year.

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