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TowerFall Ascension: The Dark World Expansion
TowerFall Ascension: The Dark World Expansion

TowerFall Ascension – The Dark World Expansion Detailed

Matt Thorson detailed an upcoming TowerFall Ascension expansion that will be coming to PlayStation 4 in early 2015. This expansion is called The Dark World and has been in the works since March after the release of TowerFall on PlayStation 4 and was a response to requests for new content for the local multiplayer game. The additional content is being described as an “expansion” instead of a “DLC” add on because it builds upon every aspect of the game. Thorson detailed that the Dark World expansion will add playable archers, levels, modes, power-ups, variants, trials and more.

Thorson talked a bit more about specific additions, such as a new character named the Vainglorious Ghoul who hails from a new level that takes place in the Dark World itself. The Dark World expansion is a “twisted reality parallel” to the regular levels of Towerfall and includes one level, called Cataclysm, that is procedurally generated. Trigger Arrows have been added and can be remotely detonated. Prism Arrows cause an opponent to be locked in place for a small amount of time, leaving them vulnerable to attack. Thorson’s final words were that he will be at the upcoming PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas letting the general public have access to the Dark World expansion.

TowerFall was developed by Matt Thorson and originally an Ouya exclusive, launching on June 25, 2013. The game later came to PC and PlayStation 4 in early 2014. TowerFall had great critical reception and was considered a system seller for the underwhelming Ouya at launch. Also of note is that Towerfall was free for PlayStation Plus members this past July, greatly helping expand its audience. The game has since grossed over half a million dollars. You can check out the developer’s Tumblr blog in order to stay up to date on development of the expansion. The Tumblr is also a great source of GIFs of various ways you will be able to die in the Dark World expansion.

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