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Nintendo eShop update has Shovel Knight on sale
Nintendo eShop update for January 1, 2015 features two Virtual Console games

Nintendo eShop Update for January 1, 2015

Nintendo eShop Update for January 1, 2015 is up! Happy New Year! To celebrate Nintendo decided to give us practically nothing for the beginning to the new year so don’t expect anything exciting today unless you haven’t already purchased Shovel Knight which you should have.

The Nintendo eShop Update is published by Nintendo every Thursday for their Wii U and 3DS systems . This update includes full digital titles, Virtual Console releases and smaller indie titles. It can be a lot and while you could read the full text on Nintendo’s press site, we thought you would prefer to get the gist of the update along with some recommendations on what to keep an eye on.

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Virtual Console

Bionic Commando Elite Forces (3DS) $5.99 – A Game Boy Color title that repeats the original Bionic Commando with a different color pallette. The enemies are now called Avars, Super Joe is now Commander Joe and the Albatross Project gives its owners powers instead of resurrecting Hitler. Also reflecting the iconic Bionic Commando is the inability to jump, forcing you to rely on the grappling hook to traverse.

Pokemon Pinball Ruby and Sapphire (Wii U) $7.99 – Basically pinball but with the ability to capture Pokemon while you play. Most likely this is being put out due to the recent success of the remakes of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Capture about 200 Pokemon including those introduced by Ruby and Sapphire.


Shovel Knight is only $9.99 on Nintendo eShop for 3DS and Wii U. This game is perhaps one of the best of 2014, featuring gameplay heavily inspired by NES and SNES classics Super Mario, Castlevania and Duck Tales. Shovel Knight himself will also be in Road Redemption, a spiritual successor to Road Rash, a classic motorcycle racing/combat game.

Dress to Play Cute Witches and Dress to Play Magic Bubbles are $1.99 for Nintendo eShop on 3DS. These two games are both developed by CoderChild and published by EnjoyUp Games, and in them you dress up a customizable character and play simple match or adventure games to gain more clothing options. That’s it. Have fun!

Unepic is on sale for $6.99 and is a Castlevania title with a hero who is actually a video game player. He gets transported to this medieval castle but thinks it is all just a hallucination so enjoys the adventure. It’s humor is referential has multiple endings, so worth a try if you don’t mind a mid-tier Castlevania.

So yeah not much happening this week for the Nintendo eShop, but totally pick up Shovel Knight if you haven’t already. I would recommend the Nintendo 3DS version, mostly because I love playing games anywhere instead of being tied down to a TV. Also I suppose if you enjoy pinball but don’t enjoy Pokemon you can try out Pokemon Pinball on Wii U. Hopefully next week brings better entries than this one!

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