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Payday 2 Hype Train Event
Payday 2 Hype Train Event

Payday 2 Hype Train Event Announced

Payday 2 is a first-person heist simulator that offers players the opportunity to perform the perfect heist. Now fans of the title will be able to unlock special community rewards, according to a Polygon report. This can be accomplished by pre-ordering special add-ons as part of the Hype Train event. This event is running from February 5th to March 12th. Fans of the series can pre-order the Overkill and Completely Overkill packs. Those packs contribute three and 14 gallons of Hype Fuel, respectively,  to the Hype Train with each purchase.

Community rewards will be unlocked by reaching certainly milestones during the Hype Train event. These rewards include new heists, enemies, weapons, characters, gadgets, bonus experience and more. There are ten stops on the Hype Train’s route, and the final one is PAYDAYCON L.A. The game’s developer, Overkill, will host the first Payday convention in Los Angeles. It will include a Payday 2 tournament with a $250,00 prize pool. That will only happen, if the community is able to collect 2,000,000 million gallons of Hype Fuel. All of the community prizes will become available free of charge during the Spring Break event (March 13 – 21). Both packs will be available on March 12th. The Overkill and Completely Overkill packs will cost $5 and $20, respectively.

Payday 2 was released in August 2013. This first-person shooter allows players to perform heists and other daring capers. Up to four players can participate in missions that range from robbing stores to rigging elections. Players can chose heists from a crime map on Crime.net, a fictional in-game website. Some of those heists place a greater emphasis on not being detected and reward players accordingly. Stealth is an important part of Payday 2. Players that are able to avoid cameras, deal with pesky security guards and silence witnesses will be getting bonus experience. They can then use that experience to unlock new skills and abilities. It also means not having to deal with constant waves of DC Police, FBI and GenSec private security contractors. The game is available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. It will be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles later this year.

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