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Boss Key Productions
Cliff Bleszinski and the team behind Boss Key Productions will be attending PAX East to discuss Project BlueStreak, among other things.

Boss Key Attending PAX East, BlueStreak Info Promised

Boss Key Productions announced in an email newsletter that it’ll be attending this year’s PAX East, on March 7th. The studio promises that it’ll be revealing more information on its Project BlueStreak, but didn’t specify as to what details would be shared. The developer’s panel at the event will also discuss how Boss Key Productions came to be.

Both Rohan Rivas, Cliff Bleszinski himself, and the studio’s chief operating officer, Arjan Brussee, art director, Tramell Isaac and senior gameplay programmer, Josh Parker, will be in attendance for Boss Key Production’s first PAX panel. Its hour-long panel, titled Turning the Key: What it Takes to Create a New FPS Franchise, will be hosted on Saturday, March 7th in the Bobcat Theatre from 2:30pm Eastern Time to 3:30om Eastern Time. The panel itself will cover Boss Key Production’s growth and how it came to be since it was first formed eight months ago, as well as what it took to “break away from big, ‘Triple-A’ franchises to bring a rag-tag group of experienced developers together to create something new.”

Bleszinski also teased in the newspaper that Boss Key Productions will soon be “[opening] the floodgates on Project BlueStreak as the weather starts to warm up” – sometime between spring and summer, possibly. Furthermore, he added that more information will be revealed on BlueStreak during the developer’s PAX East panel as well. Since the project was first announced, Boss Key has only been revealing concepts for BlueStreak, such as environmental art and character designs. While at the PAX East convention, which lasts from Friday, March 6th through to Sunday, March 8th, it’s probably that more tangible information will be revealed on the title. Ticket information for PAX East can be found on the official PAX website, but registrations are currently sold out.

Concluding the newsletter, Bleszinski revealed that Boss Key Productions is currently considering going to this year’s E3, but his tone suggests that gamers shouldn’t hold their breath for it. “The more we [at Boss Key Productions] think about it, the less likely it’ll happen,” he says. “E3 has become an event where traditional publishers overspend on existing franchises in order to impress retail and the disc-based world. Seeing as we’re PC and digital, this doesn’t align with our goals.” Bleszinski added that there may be the possibility of attending this year’s E3 primarily for networking purposes before affirming that it’s unlikely to see Boss Key productions and Project Bluestream at the summer event. Project BlueStreak is pitched as a post-apocalyptic free-to-play first-person shooter for the PC, and further information on the title can be found via the official Boss Key Productions website, which has recently been revamped.

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