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Killing Floor 2 Details and Facts

Killing Floor is a franchise with an interesting history. The original was actually a mod of Unreal Tournament 2004 that was released in 2005. It was eventually released as a standalone game, and a sequel, Killing Floor 2, was eventually released in Steam’s Early Access. Developed by Tripwire Interactive, quite a bit of information on Killing Floor 2 has been released. It seems that Tripwire Interactive is aiming to spark excitement in its fans. The game will exit early access and be released for PC and PS4 worldwide on November 18, 2016.

Killing Floor 2 aims to be a very bloody game, much like its predecessor. Pushing the gore of the first game to its limits, this new entry is going all out. Guts, limbs, and of course blood will be sent soaring through the air as players tear into enemy Zeds. New melee attacks, promised to be over the top, will add to it, making the game bloodier still. Players themselves will not be exempt from this, and any deaths that they suffer will be messy ones. Said Zeds are more numerous than ever, with newcomers and old faces alike. Smarter A.I. and group tactics will be utilized by them as they do their very best to murder player characters. Tripwire Interactive promises that not only will the Zeds be tough enemies, they will be terrifying.

Of course, all of this wouldn’t mean much without a means to actually kill the Zeds. Up to six players will be able to play together in cooperative mode. Gamers looking for a PVP edge will be able to play a mode where a team of humans has to outlast a massive horde of Zeds. Regardless of which mode players pick, there is a large amount of goodies to be found in the game. All kinds of weapons are available for use, from the historic, to the modern, to the makeshift, to the scientific. Each one promising to be satisfying to use. On top of that, the perk system has been retooled to include paths and milestones. Between all of this, it seems fans of Killing Floor 2 have a lot to look forward to.

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