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Marvel's Avengers game Funko Pops

Marvel’s Avengers Game Funko Pops – Price, Release Dates, More

Later this year will see the release of Marvel’s Avengers, being the first time that a AAA game adapted what is the biggest franchise in entertainment these days. While the release of the game isn’t slated until September of this year, those who want to get the good times rolling early will be able to do so with the upcoming Funko Pop releases.

Amazon has recently posted several product pages for these Funko Pops, with there being 8 in total. These pages include things like the dimensions for the figures, their prices and release dates. The following is a link to each page:

Black Widow (Stark Tech Suit)

Captain America (Stark Tech Suit)

Hulk (Stark Tech Suit)

Iron Man (Stark Tech Suit)

Kamala Khan (Stark Tech Suit)


Thor (Glow in the Dark) Amazon Exclusive

Thor (Stark Tech Suit)

All of these figures stand at 3 3/4 inches tall, which is standard for these line of figures. The prices are also all between $8 and $9 at the moment, with the list price being $10.99. Keep in mind that Amazon prices do tend to fluctuate, with the price likely decreasing or increasing as we get closer to release. However, these figures also have a pre-order price guarantee, so even if the price were to go down after you pre-ordered they will honor the lowest price.

The wait for the release of these Funko Pops won’t be much longer, as they are all slated for an April 26th release.

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