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Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Vinyl Soundtrack- Price, Cover, Release Date

While the remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is set launch in just a couple of weeks, fans of the original game will be able to enjoy its creepy soundtrack in a brand new way soon. Amazon has recently posted a product page for Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (Original Soundtrack) vinyl, revealing things like the price, cover, release date and track listing.

First up we have the track listing, which contains 46 tracks and is the following:

  1. The Last Escape
  2. Option Screen
  3. Title Calling
  4. The Opening
  5. The Beginning of Nightmare
  6. The Great Novelist
  7. Free from Fear
  8. Meeting Brad
  9. Cold Sweat
  10. The City of Ruin
  11. Imminent Slaughter
  12. Nemesis’ Theme
  13. Feel the Tense
  14. The Front Hall
  15. The First Floor
  16. Well Dressed Up
  17. Carlos’ Theme
  18. Nicholai’s Theme
  19. Coldhearted Soldier
  20. Complete Rest
  21. An Impending Danger
  22. The Clock Tower
  23. Don’t Lose Courage
  24. Mysterious Orgel – Correct
  25. Mysterious Orgel – Wrong
  26. Unstoppable Nemesis
  27. Bring Back Her Consciousness
  28. Traitor
  29. The Grave Digger
  30. Defiant Behavior
  31. Nemesis Doesn’t Give Up
  32. Missile Approaching
  33. Against the Chopper
  34. Emergency Level D
  35. Nemesis Final Metamorphosis
  36. The Last Decision
  37. Euthanasia of Raccoon City
  38. Unfortunate Event
  39. Staffs & Credits
  40. Ever After
  41. Title Calling – Arranged Ver
  42. Choose the Best One
  43. The Doomed City
  44. Hellish Agony
  45. Reward and Result
  46. CM-2 – Long Ver
Next we have the price, which is definitely on the more expensive side of things at $60.99. Considering that music pressed to vinyl is always more expensive and this is split across 2 LPs, the steep price tag is to be expected. However, Amazon prices do tend to fluctuate, so the price may increase or decrease over time. This does have a pre-order price guarantee, so if you pre-order now and the price does fluctuate, you are guaranteed to get the lowest price that is ever offered.
The resident Evil 3: Nemesis vinyl soundtrack is set to launch on May 1st, so just about a month after the upcoming remake debuts. You can check out the creepy cover of the vinyl set below.
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis vinyl soundtrack

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