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Unsuitable WoW raid monster is soloed by a determined dwarf in five hours

During the Dragonflight pre-patch, a patient World of Warcraft player was able to solo a current-tier raid boss (opens in new tab). Rygelon, the fifth and final monster of the Fated Sepulcher of the First Ones raid, was taken out by the Brewmaster monk Vennbrew after more than five hours.

This past weekend saw the “world first pre-patch solo kill,” which was made possible in part by the addition of the Dragonflight class talents and their overlap with current Shadowlands powers. Since multiple classes might profit from having combinations that were never intended to be used together, some of the new class skills are actually versions of covenant abilities or legendary powers, making them quite overpowering in the latter few weeks of the expansion.

Vennbrew had about 90 attempts before he finally succeeded, and the actual kill took slightly under five hours. The real interaction took that long; those are not five hours’ worth of tries. Vennbrew basically had to auto-attack for the remainder of the fight once the mechanic took place that was supposed to irritate the boss and wipe the raid.
Vennbrew told Raider.io, “Once I understood it was possible, I just had to execute it” (opens in new tab). “I’ve long been intrigued by the idea of attempting to solo bosses after spending a lot of time observing players like Rextroy(opens in new tab). I spent three months thinking of ways to make this monster solo-able, but the anticipation of actually doing it kept me going.”

Because of the way power scaling works for legacy content, it’s not uncommon to go back and solo raid bosses if you’re looking for a specific mount or want to expand your transmog collection. However, raids are often not soloable until they’re at least an expansion old. Rygelon’s legitimate defeat while the raid is still a part of the current tier is actually quite an accomplishment since raid bosses are expected to be taken down by a minimum of ten players.

I can only advise you to solo a raid boss as soon as can before Dragonflight opens on November 28 and those extra powers vanish forever.

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