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Ash is named the champion of the Pokemon anime series

In the most recent episode of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys: The Series, Ash Ketchum, the most famous trainer from the Pokemon anime series, is officially named World Champion. An crucial turning point in the 25-year quest to become the best Pokemon trainer and the history of the Pokemon anime was marked by this triumph.

In 1997, when the first episode of the Pokemon anime debuted in Japan, the immortal 10-year-old kid embarked on his quest to become the very greatest Pokemon trainer. As Pikachu’s trainer, Ash Ketchum battled many foes, from Gym leaders to the notorious Team Rocket. Despite his greatest efforts, Ash never managed to win a major tournament until the 22nd season of the Pokemon anime in 2019.

In the most recent episode of the Pokemon anime, Ash Ketchum was proclaimed World Champion after 25 years of battle. The Pokemon trainer won the Masters Eight Tournament of the Pokemon World Coronation Series in episode 1219 of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys: The Series, titled “The Finals IV: Partner,” which aired in Japan today. Ash has accomplished his lifelong ambition of becoming the best Pokemon trainer in the world with this victory and is now recognized as World Champion.

This season in the Pokemon anime, Ash traveled to the Galar region to battle some Pokemon using his Sword and Shield. Somehow he worked his way up the ranks of the World Coronation Series, a competition open to the top trainers from all around the world. For the championship belt, Ash faced up against Leon of Pokemon Sword and Shield. A fierce battle ensued, and when it was through, each trainer had just one Pokémon remaining. Legendary Pokemon Eternatus were roused to life by the power of Ash’s Pikachu and Leon’s Charizard’s battle. As a result of their victories, Ash and Pikachu were crowned Pokemon World Champions.
Ash’s lifelong goal of becoming the world’s greatest Pokemon trainer has finally been realized by this triumph. However, Ash’s adventures in the Pokemon anime are far from over. Three more episodes of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys: The Series will show before the season concludes. On November 25th, “Project Mew,” the next episode of the Pokemon anime, will premiere in Japan. No official date has been set for its global rollout. The Pokemon Company has been tight-lipped on speculation that the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have a 26th season that could take Ash and company to Paldea.
In the United States, you can watch Pokemon Ultimate Journeys: The Series on Netflix.


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