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Metroid Prime Remastered Icons Are Now Available in Switch Online Missions and Prizes

Update: The Metroid Prime Remastered icons are now available and official on the Nintendo Switch Online.

If you want to use your points to purchase Set 1, you’ll need to act rather quickly because it won’t expire until March 10th, 2023. The set includes, in addition to Meta Ridley, a Metroid, the Morph Ball, Samus in three different stances, a variety of backgrounds, and borders.

Original Article: According to the original article, the Missions & Rewards program for Nintendo Switch Online has been pretty quiet as of late.We haven’t received a new set of icons for February, despite the system still clearing out the final Fire Emblem Engage icons and keeping up with Animal Crossing: New Horizons birthdays. Yet in March, things might start to alter.

A Twitter user named 3Dburn told Ridley Revolution about a few Metroid Prime Remastered emblems. Ridley Revolution runs a “support campaign” for Ridley from the Metroid series.Reports say that some Japanese fans who bought the remaster got an email from Nintendo telling them that Metroid Prime Remastered emblems would be added to the Missions & Rewards service from March 3 to March 17.

At least two alternative icons for Samus, the Screw Attack, Samus’ Gunship, a Metroid, and Meta Ridley will all be included in the set of icons. As usual, there will also be a selection of backdrops and borders.

Since there haven’t been any NSO icons exclusive to other regions up to this point, and given the popularity of Metroid Prime Remastered, it seems like the ideal little extra to give to NSO users. For the time being, this only seems to have been sent to Japanese fans, but we can’t imagine these will be Japanese-exclusive. We regret not receiving Metroid Dread symbols, but we won’t object to more Prime.


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