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The Film Version of “Ghost of Tsushima” Will Have Stunning Visuals

Ghost of Tsushima is not only one of the most visually stunning PlayStation 4 games, but one of the most visually stunning video games of all time. Chad Stahelski, director of John Wick, has been tasked with adapting Jin Sakai for the big screen, and he hopes to replicate the visual splendor of Sucker Punch’s playground for moviegoers everywhere.

To discuss his plans for adapting one of PlayStation’s biggest hits, he spoke with Discussing Film. Ghost of Tsushima is a fascinating tale if one takes the time to learn about Jin Sakai and the film’s true meaning. You associate him with fantastic images. If you’ve seen any of the John Wick movies, you know I have a thing for vibrant colors and interesting compositions. It fascinates me that they are making an effort to not only match but also improve upon the game’s visuals.

Then he asked, “How can you bring that world to life in a very realistic and grounded way?” while adding that he wants to find a way to “push the color palette.”

Color discussions are intriguing because Stahelski has previously expressed an interest in recreating the monochrome Kurosawa Mode featured in Ghost of Tsushima. He responded, “It’s definitely a conversation,” when asked if the film could be shot in black and white.

Given his work on the John Wick films, we have no doubt that Stahelski will come up with a visually stunning adaptation of the blockbuster PlayStation game, despite the fact that he apparently has a lot of ideas floating around in his head.

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