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Mario Movie Released “The Third-Biggest Animated Movie of All Time”

The Mario Movie is still breaking box office records despite being accessible to rent and buy in some countries.

Collider reports that Illumination and Nintendo’s film has surpassed Disney’s Incredibles 2 to become the “third-biggest animated movie of all time” at the global box office (excluding the 2019 Lion King remake).

Mario’s $1,248 billion surpasses Incredibles 2’s $1,243 billion. Frozen ($1.284 billion) and Frozen 2 ($1.45 billion) are the only animated films still leading.

The Mario animated movie has eclipsed Pixar and Disney masterpieces including Toy Story 3, the original 1994 Lion King, and Finding Nemo and become Illumination’s largest animation, surpassing Minions and Despicable Me 3.

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