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Former BioWare Lead Designer Details Sonic Chronicles Sequel

BioWare’s DS RPG Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood was supposed to be the first in a series, but Electronic Arts bought BioWare and the sequel never came out.

Did You Know Gaming has discovered new Sonic Chronicles 2 story details. Former BioWare lead designer Miles Holmes, now at Warp Digital, revealed Mass Effect 2’s plans in a chat.

Sonic Chronicles, released on the DS in 2008, ended on a cliffhanger with Eggman ruling the world. The follow-up was supposed to pick up these threads after 15 years.

“And it’s now Eggman’s world, right?” Holmes says in the video below. “So that’s a little of a Back to the Future 2 kinda vibe”—to Terminator 2, like “when you get to see [where] Kyle Reece is from”. Sonic and his friends had to navigate Eggman and his robots’ captured citizens:

“Part of that would’ve been the fun of getting to go to famous world landmarks and seeing them remade in this Eggman-style, so going to Paris and seeing Eggman’s gear all over the Eiffel Tower, sort of watching down with a big eye or something like that…”

Sonic and his friends would crash onto Earth after the first game and be separated in the sequel. After finding and saving others, each party would join forces. Build a large army to storm Eggman’s base.

Argus, the mega god only mentioned in Sonic Chronicles, arrives, which causes problems. Sonic and Eggman must cooperate. Defeating Argus opens the Twilight Cage and frees the generations-old prisoners. Argus was tricked into trapping these powerful tribes in the Twilight Cage by a prophecy. Holmes says:

“It was basically a manipulation — so we’re left with this notion of: Who’s this oracle, this trickster god that got him to do this in the first place?

Because obviously, he wanted all this to happen, he wanted Argus defeated, and now with him out of the way, the longer question that could’ve been used over the series is: okay, so we’ve defeated this one god, but now there’s this other god that’s made all these things happen. Why did he do that, what was it for, and will it eventually threaten us?”

This ending was more of a teaser than a cliffhanger, which fans would have preferred. BioWare would’ve stopped after two games, leaving another studio to continue. No second game was made.

We’ve mentioned that EA’s purchase of BioWare may have affected things, but Ken Penders, a former Sonic Comics writer at Archie Comics, believed many characters in the RPG resembled the Dark Legion echidna characters in the comics, which he had claimed copyright for. Penders says he’ll talk to Sega about getting paid for those characters.

This new information illuminates what could’ve been, even though Sonic Chronicles may never return. Since Sega bought Atlus, maybe we’ll get a new Sonic RPG…

Did You Know Gaming’s full video is below. Leave a comment if you want a sequel!


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