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PDP’s New Switch Controller Has A Sonic Figurine In The Grip

PDP has released officially licensed Sonic-themed Nintendo Switch controllers with a “collectible figurine inside the grip”.

This is a “REALMz” accessory, along with headsets. The official website describes this latest creation:

“REALMz takes the worlds of your favorite games and transports them into a controller or headset. You can collect, display, and play with these eye-catching gaming accessories, and explore the stories built inside each one.”

Besides Sonic, Tails and Knuckles have controllers. All switch fans can choose between wired ($39.99 USD) and wireless ($59.99 USD) “REALMz” controllers with customizable LED lighting. Pre-orders now.

This winter, a Pikmin-themed series will join this line. Look here:

Third-party controllers have an audio jack, but they may lack some features of a first-party Nintendo Switch Pro controller.


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