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The Mineko Night Market developer is working on two Switch patches

Mineko’s Night Market released on the Nintendo Switch last month, and while we enjoyed this cozy game, it appears that players have encountered many bugs and glitches.

In response, developer Meowza posted on social media, apologizing to players for any “negative experience” and announcing two patches. The next-week patch will be larger than the one that “will be coming shortly” and is a minor fix.

In its message, the developer details how both patches will fix bugs and glitches. In addition, the “console porting process” may delay updates due to powers beyond the team’s control. The full message is:

To all our Switch players, first off, thank you very much for playing Mineko’s Night Market. We apologize for any negative experience you may have had with the game. We are currently working hard on updating the game with patches that will address a number of bugs and issues, including, but not limited to, the most often asked about issues: the bug in HQ, the audio hitching during loading, and the Ramen Shop quest.

Due to console porting processes, which involves submitting and waiting for the patch to be tested and approved, the updates take a longer time to be released than desired.

The first patch, that will be coming shortly, was submitted pre-launch and addresses a few minor fixes including a fix to the Ramen Shop quest. The second patch, which we are hopeful for a release next week, will be a larger patch that addresses a number of issues including a fix to the HQ quest and many other bugs that are currently (Oct 6th) fixed on the PC version of the game.

Again, we sincerely apologize for any of the frustration you may have experienced with the current state of the game and share those frustrations with you. And we give our word that we are working hard to fix these problems as soon as possible.

Thank you for taking time to play our game and sharing your valuable feedback with us. Mineko’s Night Market team

On Nintendo Life, we praised Mineko’s Night Market’s “compelling narrative and relaxing tasks” but encountered bugs.


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