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Digital Foundry: GTA 6 on ‘Switch 2’ Would Be “Very Tricky To Pull Off”

In a recent Digital Foundry Q&A video about Grand Theft Auto 6, the team agreed that Nintendo’s next major hardware won’t get the game.

Although the ‘Switch 2”s official specs haven’t been confirmed, Digital Foundry has previously provided a comprehensive look at how the console may perform based on Nvidia chip rumors.

Richard Leadbetter said it would be “very, very tricky to pull off” to port GTA 6 to the upcoming console, adding that “even on Switch 1, Rockstar has been very selective about the games that are ported to it.”.

Oliver Mackenzie added that GTA 6 has “a lighting model that may not have a good non-RT fallback, and Switch [2] isn’t going to be powerful enough to run all of that raytracing.”. He calls GTA 6’s simulation “quite something else” and doubts the Switch 2 can handle it.

Switch 2, a “proper generational leap” from Nintendo’s current console, may not be enough to run Rockstar’s latest flagship game. We won’t know the new console’s capabilities until Nintendo announces them.

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