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Pocket iRecatcher Reconnects Pokémon GO ‘Auto Catch’ Devices for Continuous Play

Since the Pokémon GO Plus wristband was released, a few ‘auto-catching’ imitators have tried something new to catch them all. Many, including Pokémon GO Plus +, disconnect from the game after a while.

This problem was previously fixed by manually reconnecting the device, but Brook Gaming’s Pocket iRecatcher will automate this process.

PhotoFast’s 247 Catcher had the same feature late last year, but the market is expanding, and this compact device offers another option.

Back the Pocket iRecatcher on Kickstarter to “Enhance your Pokémon Go Plus+ for a complete and more relaxed gaming experience.”. Auto Reconnection is the iRecatcher’s main feature, monitoring your auto-catch device’s connection status and bringing things back online within seven seconds of a drop-off. It also has an auto-tap feature to make gyms and raids easier.

A complete list of device features follows:

Auto Reconnection Mode — Uninterrupted Pokémon Catching
The iRecatcher’s “Auto-Reconnect” feature utilises advanced “image recognition” technology to monitor the connection status of the catching device in real-time. When it detects a disconnection, it automatically reconncets within 7 seconds, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted Pokémon adventure for you! Catch ’em all.

iRecatcher supports Pokémon GO Plus+ and most automatic catching devices, acting as your personal Pokémon companion to guarantee uninterrupted catching while you’re on the hunt.

Auto Tap Mode — Easily Challenge Gyms
iRecatcher also features an astonishing “Auto-Tap” function, utilising advanced “surround-sensing clicking” technology.

This not only allows trainers to see the click locations but also enables rapid output at ten clicks per second. It effortlessly handles raids and gym battles, making your adventure filled with ease and enjoyment.

As usual with Pokémon GO companion devices, this one will prove itself. We’ll test the Pocket iRecatcher in the coming months to see how it compares to other auto-catchers. Before then, visit the Pocket iRecatcher Kickstarter page for more information.

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