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The Korean release of Rise of the Ronin was canceled due to controversy surrounding commentary

If you have a limited understanding of the intricate and tense relationship between Japan and Korea, you may have overlooked the importance of certain remarks made by Fumuhiko Yasuda, the director of Rise of the Ronin, in a recently released behind-the-scenes trailer. We definitely did, even though we covered the matter, and we were taken aback to discover that Sony has now decided to cancel the release of the upcoming title in Korea.

There has been no official explanation provided, but it seems that Yasuda’s comments are the likely cause. It’s worth noting that these comments were widely shared in an official trailer on PlayStation’s YouTube channel. As noticed by Eurogamer, various Korean outlets started reporting the removal of the game from the Korean PlayStation Store. The promotional material was also taken down, and the trailer was removed from the PlayStation Korea YouTube account. According to a statement from Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea, Rise of the Ronin will not be available for release in the region, whether in physical or digital form. This news was reported on the Korean-language community site Ruliweb.

Shin Yoshida, a significant figure in 19th-century scholarship, founded the Shoka Sonjuku School in the Japanese city of Hagi, which Yasuda explored in the first episode of a documentary-style series. Yoshida’s students played a crucial role in the Meiji Restoration, a significant event that led to the overthrow of the Shogunate and the restoration of Imperial rule in Japan. He was considered a key figure in the Seikanron (Jeonghanrok in Korea), a right-wing movement within the government in 1873 that advocated for a military intervention in Korea. Despite its initial failure, Japan went on to occupy Korea from 1910 to 1945, during which it carried out a multitude of atrocities.

Yasuda remarked about Yoshida during their visit to the Shoka Sonjuku School, noting that despite the differences in time and context, Yoshida could be seen as a modern-day Socrates. From the moment I began working on Rise of the Ronin, my goal was to faithfully portray his teachings and his life. He was more than just a philosopher. He emphasized the significance of taking action.

Did you hear about the controversy surrounding the Rise of the Ronin? What are your thoughts on Sony’s response? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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