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Japan Gets DSiWare Puzzler ‘Hakokoro’ Switch Update

Hakokoro may have eluded you unless you’re well-versed in 2010s Japanese DSiWare. On April 4, Hakokoro V will be available on the Japanese Switch eShop to follow this box-based puzzler.

This puzzle game by AMZY requires you to roll a square block around an enemy-filled arena, collect magic orbs through the cube’s open face, and defeat your enemies. The above trailer shows a simple but appealing concept.

The story is that you are an apprentice magician who must climb the mage’s tower and accomplish its trials to become the best like no one else (but not that one). Not the most fascinating plot, but cool puzzles!

Here are some eShop screenshots and the game’s official summary, which Gematsu translated:


The latest entry in the Hakokoro series, with simple yet deep controls. Utilize the game’s intuitive controls and quick judgments to clear each stage!

Each stage is cleared by rolling around a “box” to pick up “magic orbs” and activating magic to defeat every enemy.


Amy, an apprentice mage who came to town in hopes of becoming a “Great Mage,” must take on the mages’ challenges in the tower in order to become a disciple of the mage Cooke.

Tokoton Mode

Take on randomly generated stages in this mode as you aim for the high score.

For now, this one will only be available in Japan on the Switch eShop for 800 yen.

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