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Shift Up Director Debunks Stellar Blade and Sony Costume Conspiracy

Stellar Blade has finally been released, captivating players with its dynamic combat system and extensive range of cosmetic choices for the main character, Eve. Shift Up director Kim Hyeong-tae has successfully debunked a specific conspiracy surrounding the game. According to Kim, the redesigns of certain Stellar Blade outfits were always meant to be the “final result,” rather than being influenced by any sort of heavy-handed censorship from Sony.

During an interview with the Korean outlet GameAbout (thanks, GamesRadar+), Kim emphasizes the importance of Eve’s impeccable fashion sense in the protagonist’s design. While it’s important to prioritize other aesthetic factors, it’s worth noting that the quality of costumes shouldn’t solely rely on their vulgarity. This aspect has been modified to enhance overall quality. There are certain sections where the level of eroticism is either toned down or heightened. This is the ultimate culmination of our efforts, the masterpiece we proudly present as the desired outcome.

According to Kim, the decision to incorporate tights into certain outfits or reduce visible cleavage in others was not intended to appease overly eager gamers. Instead, these modifications, implemented through a day-one update,

What are your thoughts on Kim’s reasoning? What are your thoughts on the final state of Eve’s outfits? Are you someone who prioritizes style over practicality when it comes to putting together the ideal outfit? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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