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Sony aims to dominate the anime industry

Without a doubt, Sony is currently the largest player in the anime industry. The business already owns the streaming service Crunchyroll, the media company Aniplex, and is producing many of the most well-known television shows, including Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Bocchi the Rock, and the more recent Wind Breaker.

However, as part of an overnight corporate strategy meeting, the Japanese behemoth revealed its intentions to tighten its grip on the industry. It revealed that it is developing AnimeCanvas, a new software platform that will expedite content creation and enable it to satisfy ardent fan demand.

In addition, the business declared that it is “exploring” the opening of an anime academy with the goal of assisting up-and-coming artists everywhere. Thus, the company appears to be determined to seize total market dominance and has high aspirations for the industry.

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