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Old-school gamer with a cheeky tongue that gets me in trouble. When I'm not playing games, I'm writing about them, preferably in the vicinity of a fridge! Oh, and if you're a Justin Bieber fan, I'm afraid we can't be friends!

Surprise! LEGO Animal Crossing Sets Exist

LEGO Animal Crossing was a huge surprise from Nintendo today! Nintendo has confirmed the next LEGO X Nintendo collaboration, which was rumored in August. Nintendo UK released a short teaser of several LEGO Nintendo mini-figures, but no sets or dates have been announced. Tom, Isabelle, Kapp’n, Rosie, Bunnie, Marshall, Fauna, and Julian are depicted. Flowers, buildable trees, fruit trees, and ...

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A Boy and His Blob: Retro Collection Hits Switch Soon

On October 17, 2023, the Nintendo Switch eShop will release a retro collection of A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia and its Game Boy sequel, The Rescue of Princess Blobette. The new collection will retain the original games’ essence while adding modern quality-of-life features like display filters, a music player, and save states (similar to Nintendo’s Switch Online ...

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Pokémon Bank Users Should Transfer Pokémon To Pokémon Home ASAP

Nintendo announced yesterday that the 3DS and Wii U would lose “online play and other functionality” in “early April” next year. Pokémon Bank for 3DS won’t be affected in the near future, but other parts of the 3DS online service will. As stated in the announcement, this service will continue after other online services end. To raise awareness, the official ...

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Mario Producer Calls Sonic’s Same-Week Release “Interesting Coincidence”

Mario and Sonic both have new side-scrolling games coming out in the same week this month, sparking online debate. Super Mario Bros. Wonder producer Takashi Tezuka says the Nintendo team doesn’t mind and looks forward to “2D side-scroller action games”. He called it a “interesting coincidence”. This is what he told Game Informer: Takashi Tezuka: “I think it’s an interesting coincidence. ...

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First Trailer for Pokémon Live-Action TV

Fans can now watch the first trailer for PokéTsume (‘Pocket Filled with Adventure’ in English), which premieres in Japan on October 17, 2023. The series follows Madoka Akagi, a young girl who moves to Tokyo and becomes obsessed with Pokémon after her mother gives her a Game Boy and Pokémon Red. Fans will love the trailer’s game series references and ...

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Small Adventure ‘A Tiny Sticker Tale’ Stuck On Switch Today

A Tiny Sticker Tale, Ogre Pixel’s latest cozy game, launches on Switch today. Follow adorable donkey Flynn as he searches for his father and uses a magical sticker book to change the world. The player will solve puzzles while exploring Figori Island. Additionally, the stickers can decorate your home and island. The game takes 2-4 hours, making it ideal for ...

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Nintendo Switch Will Get Hitman: Blood Money Enhanced

Feral Interactive has announced Hitman: Blood Money – Reprisal, a Nintendo Switch update of the 2006 stealth classic. There’s no hard release date beyond a vague ‘Winter’ window, but the game will include all twelve sandbox missions from the original and several key improvements from later installments to make it better than ever, including: Finding key targets and objectives in ...

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Shiren the Wanderer: Serpentcoil Island’s Mystery Dungeon Comes West

On February 27, 2024, Spike Chunsoft will release Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island in the West, as announced in the September 2023 Nintendo Direct in Japan. The 1995 roguelike Mystery Dungeon side series began with Mystery Dungeon 2. The trailer above discusses its history. Warrior Shiren. As expected, STWTMDOSI (yes, everyone will call it that) will ...

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3DS/Wii U Online Play Ends “Early April” 2024

Nintendo will discontinue “online play and other functionality” for the 3DS and Wii U in “early April” 2024, a long-awaited announcement. Official confirmation: Nintendo: “In early April 2024, online play and other functionality that uses online communication will end for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U software. This also includes online co-operative play, internet rankings, and data distribution.” Remember, it’s “early April”—do ...

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