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Nintendo’s Switch Online Service showcases Donkey Kong through a new hub

In recent times, Nintendo has been making a series of announcements that are bringing the spotlight back to Donkey Kong. In addition, he is set to appear in the highly anticipated Mario vs. Donkey Kong, which is scheduled to be released on the Switch later this month.

Nintendo has recently introduced a dedicated section in the Switch Online hub, showcasing the beloved retro series of Donkey Kong. From the arcade and NES classics to Rare’s Donkey Kong Country trilogy for the Super Nintendo, there is a wide range of games to enjoy (credit to DK Vine).


In order to enjoy all of these games, signing up for the base tier of the Switch Online service is required. New users can also take advantage of a complimentary trial. In an interesting turn of events, this recent update coincides with the upcoming 30th anniversary celebrations of Donkey Kong Country, set to commence later this year.

Speculation has been swirling lately regarding the potential revival of the Donkey Kong franchise, both in the realm of gaming and animation. Certainly, Donkey Kong and his crew have also made their appearance in the recent Super Mario Bros. movie, and Nintendo has excitingly revealed plans for his very own section in Super Nintendo World.

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