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New Legendary Gear leaks for upcoming Destiny DLC, The Dark Below

The Destiny news wire remains hot as we enter the weekend, and the talk of the town in this one is the game’s upcoming expansion, The Dark Below. To continue the series of leaks started with the previous list of content accidentally revealed by a game bug on Destiny maps, this time new legendary gear items have been leaked via Reddit. Destiny players are well aware by now of the “raid gears” which are only available during raids, as The Vault of Glass has a complete set for each class. The same will happen in Crota’s End raid to be featured in The Dark Below DLC. These new legendary gear sets are described below, although items might be changed by the time The Dark Below launches. There is a full set for each of the three Destiny classes.




Some of them have abilities that match The Vault of Glass, but it is thought they are just placeholders. DestinyDB, the main source of these leaks, has also got other “legendaries” in store such as Trials of Osiris gears and weapons, legendary armors, and XP boosts. Take a look:

Materials – includes ship parts, vehicle templates

Trials of Osiris Hand Cannon 

Trials of Osiris Legendary Sparrow

Trials of Osiris Emblem – includes three different emblems: Sun, Moon, and Eye of Osiris.

Cabal XP gain Consumable – One for each enemy race

Legendary Vanguard Armor – Different from any other armor in Destiny, costs 65 vanguard marks.

The Dark Below expansion pack is scheduled to release this December, with some exclusive multiplayer content for PlayStation consoles, until Fall, 2015, when Xbox players will be able to enjoy it.



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