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Maokai, Tristana, and Poppy are the next League of Legends champions schduled for a visual update

Riot is currently working on a number of preseason changes for League of Legends, but that doesn’t mean they forgot about the champion updates. The developer announced a while back that it plans to improve the game from a visual standpoint and that includes new textures for most of the champions. Riot recently posted an update regarding the matter in which they discuss about their new way of approaching champion updates. Given that League of Legends features dozens of champions and Riot wants to give many of them a makeover, this will definitely not be an easy task. Luckily, the company has a plan and it all boils to two things:

“1. The scope of updates will vary immensely, from Sion-level projects to minor texture and gameplay polish efforts, all based on each champion’s specific needs and place in the overall roster. 2. Following from the first, we’ll simultaneously pursue multiple updates of varying scope. Several pipelines will exist so that no champion is left behind because its unique needs don’t fit the current mold.”Riot says that these two basic principles are already in play and points at the fact that visual updates for Sion, Viktor, and Soraka came out simultaneously. The end goal here is to improve the whole League of Legends roster, but for the moment the company is focusing on updating Maokai, Tristana, and Poppy, among a few others.

Maokai is looking good overall, so there will only be small changes here and there aimed at making him “even more exciting to play”. Tristana is one of the most recognizable League of Legends champions, which is why Riot decided that it was high time to buff her visuals a bit. In addition, Riot is also tweaking her gameplay in order to make her stand out a bit more from the other marksmen. Last but not least, Poppy is one of the older champions in League of Legends and as such is quite dated by Riot’s new standards. She will receive a complete visual overhaul, but the core idea behind the champion will remain the same. There will also be changes in terms of gameplay, although Riot didn’t go into too many details regarding them.

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