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Free copies of Torchlight are up for grabs courtesy of Runic Games

Did somebody say free game? Yessir! Today we’re looking at Torchlight, a Diablo-like hack ‘n slash developed by Runic Games, which ended up being one of the best titles inspired by Blizzard’s highly acclaimed RPG. Whether or not you already know about it is of no consequence as the game is currently free and that’s what’s important here. While you’ll have to jump through a couple of hoops to get it, I can guarantee that it’s going to be worth it because this is a really good hack ‘n slash game. In order to get your hands on Torchlight for the unbeatable price of absolutely nothing, you’ll first have to download and install the ARC client, which can be found here.

I know that most people would rather have all their games on Steam or….Steam, but this is the deal offered by Runic Games: install ARC and get Torchlight for free. The game is usually priced at $15, so this is a pretty small price to pay all things considered. Moreover, in accordance with the spirit of Black Friday, Runic is also offering Torchlight 2 for only 5 bucks. The sequel is usually priced at $20 which means that we’re looking at a 75 percent discount here. So, is it worth installing an extra client to get two games for $5 or just one for free? That’s entirely up to you, but if you’re a fan of Diablo-style RPGs you should definitely consider it because the Torchlight games are some of the best in the genre. The promotion only lasts until November 30th.

This deal is most likely aimed at promoting the ARC installer, which sadly doesn’t support a whole lot of games just yet. Aside from Torchlight and Torchlight 2, you’ll only find free to play titles there. A few examples include: Blacklight Retribution, Star Trek Online, Neverwinter, Forsaken World, Jade Dynasty, and War of the Immortals.

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