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The Order 1886 Demo Showcases the Power of The PS4
The Order 1886 Demo Showcases the Power of The PS4

The Order 1886 Demo Showcases the Power of The PS4

The PlayStation Experience has came and went this past weekend. Many people were excited to see The Order 1886, they were also excited to actually play The Order 1886. Yes, people attending the PlayStation Experience got a look at many games and had their hands on some upcoming ones as well, The Order 1886 was one of these. a lot has been said about The Order 1886 and many had their hands on it, luckily you can now watch the full demo though thanks to YouTube accounts posting the video. This one of The Order 1886 comes from YouTuber UploadsInHD2016 and gives us The Order 1886’s full demo, which is over 14 minutes long:


While some fans may somewhat concerned by The Order 1886’s demo, Sony’s Santa Monica Studio has stated that the game will have many open environments, sadly there aren’t many to see here. Despite the lack of open environment though, The Order 1886 is gorgeous and truly showcases the power of the PS4. While many have said this about Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, I do think The Order 1886 is rather incredible. It is a game I have been looking forward to for some time now and the PS4 demo of the game only has me more excited.

The Order 1886’s demo was playable for people at the PlayStation Experience and the demo has captured it for people who were absent. I was not present at the PlayStation Experience, but I wish I was. I really think The Order 1886 is shaping up to be a great game, although I do have my concerns. I wish Sony Santa Monica would have added in one of the more open areas on the game to put my mind to ease. Although what we have for The Order 1886 in this demo is still rather impressive and it really shows off just what the console can do. While Uncharted 4 also looks really good, The Order 1886 is slated to come out in a little more than two months! While Uncharted is yet to have a release date.

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